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My Mission

The 1 Million



The 1 MILLION Mission

Teach 1 Million people how to create a living, doing what they love.

One million sounds brave. I agree.
So, how do I get there ? Start at the beginning.

First, determine what the 3 main stakeholders (students, teachers, and also the job-hoppers) need. Students want affordable access to best-in-class teachers (not celebrities who teach for the first time), to learn at their own pace, and to seek knowledge, economic, and marketing skills. Teachers are looking for better, more committed, and willing students. They want to keep up with the impact, keep their knowledge, make a lasting impact, and be rewarded with their contributions. Finally, the job-hoppers want to make a difference in their career, look for the good in companies, increase the diversity of getting hired, and become an overall champion.

Next, find some solutions. Use media platforms, social networks, and grade-based learning tools.

Eliminate the largest barriers to education: cost, time, and accessibility. Gather creative minds, technologists, producers, and motivational professionals to teach 21st-century skills including Interaction and motion design, design thinking, problem-solving, business, design experience, communication, media, content marketing, web development, java, python, MySQL, English, German, French, and Spanish as foreign languages. Make it accessible. The construction is spectacular. Create equity. create ascendable. create evenhanded.

That sounds modern, unquiet, and unlike any school out there. That’s because I believe that the future of the school is not a school at all - the classrooms have no walls, the students are never late arriving, and the classes are always on schedule. Welcome to tomorrow's school.

Welcome to the Anmol Academy.




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